Creative Network and Flanders DC launch Creative Fair Play

Collaboration and outsourcing are essential in the creative industries. The success of your partnership – temporarily, on a platform or through intermediaries – strongly depends on the equilibrium between all parties, that’s Creative Fair Play. Creative Network and Flanders DC  present seven best practices to collaborate successfully with creative entrepreneurs.

After all the commotion around free pitching and authorship over the past years we thought that this can be a start in changing the way we work together. Share the 7 best practices to collaborate successfully on social media, and put the logo with a link on your website and support this initiative.

Let’s all work together on a better future for clients and creatives. Everybody wins. It is with great proud that we launch and support this initiative, find out more on the website Creative Fair Play

Illustrations by Charlotte Dumortier

Published by

Timothy Helmer

Designer, curator of Let's Talk Design and founder of Creative Network.