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About Creative Network

Creative Network is a platform supporting creatives since 2007. We organise Let’s Talk Design, interviews in the form of a video-podcast called Shorts. Creative Network has a community of +12K creatives.

Our story

Creative Network started out in 2007 as a blog where Belgian creatives and studios were listed. After a couple of years, the blog was transformed into a database website with an even larger growth and a small expansion to the Netherlands listing +1500 freelance creatives and studios.

In 2010 IdN Magazine asked us to interview the 10 most promising designers in Belgium, so we did. The interviews were added to the website and we kept on doing interviews with creatives. In 2013 we organised our first conference with and for creatives: Let’s Talk Design. It was a great success, the first edition attracted 180 visitors. In 2015 we launched a portfolio website where each designer could connect, share work and get inspired by other creatives. In that same year, we organised our first edition of Let’s Think Design (a conference on the subject of design thinking).

Since 2018 we started doing the occasional Studio Tour. In 2019 decided to discontinue the portfolio part of the website and refocussed on our core. Connect & Meet Talent, online and offline with interviews and most of all events.

In 2023 we launched our video-podcast Let’s Talk Design Shorts

Who is who?

Creative Network is run by Timothy Helmer. With the help and support from a couple of other people. Do you want to get involved? Get in touch!

Timothy Helmer. Timothy is a designer by nature with +18 years of experience with a passion for everything design-related. He is the founder and also the curator and organiser of Let’s Talk Design. Next to that, he works as Senior/Lead Designer.

Chiel De Cuyper. Chiel has +13 years of design experience, specialising in building/designing brands at Leap Forward, a branding & digital experience studio in Gent & passionated about contemporary art. Chiel is co-curator and host of Let’s Talk Design in Gent.

Other people helping from time to time are Valentijn Destoop (advisor), Kristof Hendrickx (designer at Oddball), Suzanne den Otter (a visual artist and photographer), Laura Helmer (Digital content manager at Baby Beluga).