Our partners

Creative Network is lucky enough to have partners that support what we do, either by helping us financially or by giving us support in other ways. Interested in what we can do for each other? Do you want to support what we do by being involved as a partner or sponsor? Get in touch and we will gladly discuss the possibilities.

Creativeskills is a portfolio/job platform aimed at the Belgian creative industry.
Our members are creative, technical and management profiles looking for a job in the creative industry, communication sector, advertising sector, at a start-up or service providers that develop digital experiences and strategies such as mobile apps, websites, virtual reality applications, etc.

Studio Helmer

Since day one Studio Helmer is designing all our communication and branding on and offline. In a world where everything looks alike, Studio Helmer makes a difference by designing recognisable brands.


Supercollect invites artists, illustrators, and designers around the printing press, to work together on a personal level, and to produce limited edition art prints & collectables.

Flanders DC

Flanders DC is the Flemish design and fashion centre and works towards strong and future-oriented entrepreneurship within design and fashion in Flanders. Flanders DC supports these sectors in their role as drivers of economic and social progress, by ensuring that designers from other economic sectors are more involved as innovation partners.


ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES. is the community for and by creative entrepreneurs in the Antwerp region and is supported by entrepreneurs and organizations who believe in the power of collaboration and the added value of creativity. We encourage collaboration between sectors, help creatives build a network and grow their business, and put creative achievements in the spotlight.