5 Questions with graphic designer Laura Broux

I grew up in Antwerp, in a creative family which has influenced me a lot. My father is a professional guitarist and I have been constantly surrounded by the sound of classical music during my youth. That is why my base is probably music, hearing my father play every day I learned that music is about discipline, analysis, emotion and a partly romance. I do believe I take those impressions with me as a graphic designer.
I studied graphic design at Sint-Lucas Antwerp and wondered into the advertising industry after winning the Farm BBDO competition in 2011. Since then I have been working with different creative agencies. Currently, I design for the Dutch fashion brand Scotch & Soda.

When did you first get involved with design?

Quite early on, as a teenager, my room was always a creative laboratory. Exactly the reason my family never came in, haha. Most of the time I was making booklets, jewellery, paintings or fashion collages,…which is more or less what I have been doing for a living. Thinking back on it now makes me really happy.

Is there any work you’re proud of?

I am quite proud of the diversity of work I have done the past few years as a graphic designer. In those years I have developed and explored a lot of different interests and skills. In general, you could say I am fascinated by composition, colour, typography, materials and styling. I am proud to say that I am able to “play” with those components in different professional settings over the years.
I started with typography and branding projects but today, for example, I design trims, jewellery and accessories for the Dutch fashion company Maison Scotch (Scotch & Soda). Experimenting with different materials such as fabric, metal, leather, shell, horn and wood has broadened my view of graphic design. That is exactly what pushes me and makes me grow.

In your view, what were your biggest challenges?

Finding time and space for those extra ideas & projects that I would love to realise, next to my fulltime job.

What inspires you?

My aunt, Dominique Zonnekein, has always inspired me, she is a mosaicist, painter and decorator. Her home is a true museum full of souvenirs, artist books, fashion magazines & design pieces… Always dressed in pieces of The Antwerp Six she is definitely the one who triggered my obsession with Dries Van Noten’s work. His collections, materials, colours, invitations & window designs… have been one of the reasons I studied graphic design and work in fashion today.

At ‘Scotch & Soda’ I constantly save inspiration, make screenshots on Instagram, pin on Pinterest boards and categorise everything on my computer obsessively… but in a good way, haha. Per design season I present mood boards full of images and objects which inspire me for the next collection.

In general, I try to go to exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances as much as I can. Antwerp, as well as Amsterdam, the two cities that I live in, have a lot of cultural activities to offer. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

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