5 Questions with graphic designer Konrad Sybilski

I’m a graphic designer and art director focused on branding, mostly identity and packaging design, but I’ve got also experience with interactive design. I’m based in Warsaw which I really like and because I am a freelancer I sometimes work at different locations.

When did you first get involved with design?

I always liked drawing and creating stuff but the first professional thing I designed were posters for the European Medical Student Association in 2007. It was a cool project to start working as a designer.

Is there any work you’re particularly proud of?

I like all my work, but I rather focus on future projects rather than the past. If have to choose one, it would be the branding job for a unique boutique hotel in Warsaw called Autor Rooms. I designed it at Mamastudio (a brand design studio from Warsaw). It’s truly a very special project for all of us.

In your view, what were your biggest challenges?

As a full-time freelancer, I have a lot of stuff to handle it. The design part is the easiest bit to me. I invest a lot of energy and time in finding good, valuable clients that are a good fit for the work I do. I also invest my time in the more boring part of being a freelancer: ‘administrative tasks’ which in all honesty isn’t my favourite.

What inspires you?

Currently, I try to avoid the pure graphic design work as a lot of things work seems the same. I like to look for not-obvious and strange forms, it’s very refreshing to me. A strong inspiration for me is modern art, industrial design and experimental visual culture of various creative fields. When I get stuck on a project, I like to watch surf movies to get my creative juices flowing.

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