5 Questions with graphic designer & architect Studio Posen

I started out studying architecture and noticed that I had a time-consuming interest/obsession with everything that had to do with graphic design. I loved spending time lay-outing everything. After 5 years of architecture, studying graphic design was the logical decision. Never did I regret it, I feel that I’ve grown so much due to both studies. I just finished my architecture internship at Low Architecten in Antwerp, Belgium. 

When did you get into design?

I love to draw, even when I was little I designed my own comic book, drew a lot of people, trying to perfect each figure. In the years I studied architecture I learned about designing in both a practical and aesthetically manner. Drawing for me is an escape from that, in a drawing everything is possible. That might be the reason why I love graphic design so much, everything in a way is possible.

Is there any work you’re particularly proud of?

I had the opportunity to make an invitation for the opening of ‘Thelma Coffee and Design’, a new concept-store in Leuven, Belgium. They gave me ‘carte blanche’, the result ended up being a compilation of illustrations of plants, clothes and other items that they could sell at the store. This assignment helped me to evolve my style. I always loved making illustrations but never used them in a graphic manner. All the assignments that followed, are a direct consequence of that piece of work.

In your view, what were your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is combining architecture and graphic design. At the moment my day job is being an architect and in the evening I design business cards, invitations, logos, … my dream would be to combine both in one job.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by other graphic designers like Hvass & Hannibal from Copenhagen, Kasper-Forio from Switzerland. And also by architecture, furniture design, fabric design, … When I walk around in a city, inspiration is around every corner. There is so much diversity in the world. I like the fact that you can excel in any kind of style today.

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