Goodbye portfolios 😒 Hello future!

A couple of years ago we launched our portfolio section on the website, in a time when local initiatives were underrepresented.

Now, several years later we noticed that the platform is slowing down in new work and portfolios. Ever since Adobe bought Behance and the portfolio platform was absorbed into Creative Cloud making it super easy to update and maintain your portfolio I noticed slow growth. That is why I decided to pull the plug on the portfolio part of Creative Network, at the end of July 2019 the portfolio part will be removed of the website.

I wish to thank all designers who hosted their work and especially the ones who had a paid membership, you are the best! 

The interviews and the events will continue, in fact we are going back to the core of how Creative Network once started. Inspire & Connect. Start reading. The next edition of Let’s Talk Design will be in Brussels after summer. 

Let’s talk soon, Timothy

Published by

Timothy Helmer

Designer, curator of Let's Talk Design and founder of Creative Network.